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Image-comparison of Anak-Krakatau before and after collapse, showing the major changes to the volcanic Island. First photo captured 5th August and second photo taken by today. 1/3

James Reynolds


Jan 11 2019

Video Address:

Jan 11 2019

Anak is not in the news anymore, but its eruption is far from over 🌋

Continuous changes in backscattering of the following the 2018 December collapse mapped in detail by high-resolution spotlight data from .

The , before and after the explosion which caused the deadly on 22 Dec 2018

Dua foto Gunung Anak Krakatau dari sudut yang nyaris sama, sebelum dan sesudah letusan 22 Desember 2018.  

Gambar sama dengan di atas:

The Anak Krakatau volcano, before and after the explosion which caused the deadly tsunami on December 22, 2018 [source: ]

Took another look at Kecil island to east of – the one which has been essentially killed off by the

The scouring on Sertung island to west of and facing directly the collapse zone was well… wow!

The sea around is extremely hot! Could see steam rising from the ocean near the new beach

Got another good view of the new crater lake at – incredible landscape down there

Another successful and safe day filming at – the was quiet. Today I took the drone higher to catch not only the island but also the amazing color of the sea water

We have finally been able to receive a cloudless image of   from one of our Contributing Missions! Production of the derived map has started Stay tuned at

I’ll round off this thread with a final before and after comparison. First image shot back in August 2018, typical explosive activity. And now…

There appears to be a distinct sea water “crater lake” now with lots of steam and gas emissions on its edge nearest the ocean

Here we’re approaching collapsed part of – I can see sea eating away at pancake shaped volcanic deposits (fresh I believe.) Freshly erupted material from “undersea” eruptions usually susceptible to erosion from waves. Also note large crack, looks to be water channel?

The sea around is displaying intense discolouration, which contrasted with the “clean” sea water was stunning to shoot from the air

Moving on to Kecil island to east of – the entire island’s vegetation was been decimated. I’m assuming this is because it was downwind of the most intense activity and copped huge amounts of ash, toxic gases and acid rain. Should be noted veg on Rakata totally unharmed

Here’s another view, on the western side of N coast of Rakata, it took the full brunt of the

Jan 12 image of shows -scoured outer islands (Sertung, Panjang & Rakata). Orange precipitate SW of is iron (III) hydroxide (common in acid mine drainage). Different color of crater lake probably due to low pH keeping iron in solution.

We did a land motion survey of Java this summer with Sentinel-1 data, not for volcano monitoring as it happens, and spotted groaning! The rates of motion here are 2-year averages.

Digging through some “before” photos of island of Rakata near Anak shot in August 2018 and comparing to now. The beautiful jungle beach wiped away by the tsunami

[VIDEO] BNPB: Gunung Anak Krakatau Tinggal 110 Meter

Sobat geologi Berikut ini perkembangan terakhir kondisi GAK (Gunung Anak Krakatau). GAK terus berevolusi, mengikuti kerucut yg telah terpotong pasca longsor. Tinggi aslinya dari 340m berkurang menjadi hanya 110m, tetapi letusan lbh lanjut telah mulai membentuk ulang struktur sisa

This is what Anak Krakatau looks like now. Active volcanoes are constantly changing but this is simply… Wow. Further eruptions will likely eventually build another cone above sea level.
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WOW! Here’s a before picture for comparison.

Arcs of lightning flashing within smoke and ash spewing from Indonesia’s Krakatau volcano.

The Anak volcano in violently erupted at end of last year: the event was so powerful that it changed the island’s shape, as highlighted in this gif.

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Salam, halo semua yuk kenali potensi bahaya dari Gunungapi Anak Krakatau, semoga bermanfaat dan jangan lupa share ya agar yang lain tahu juga. Terima kasih

Kondisi Gunung Anak Krakatau pada 11/1/2019 yang didokumentasikan. ⁦⁩. Warna orange kecoklatan adalah hidrosida besi (FeOH3) yang mengandung zat besi tinggi yang keluar dari kawah dan larut ke dalam air laut. Tubuh Gunung Anak Krakatau telah banyak berubah.

Fabulous before shot of Anak from the same angle as what I was looking at today

Image-comparison of Anak-Krakatau before and after collapse, showing the major changes to the volcanic Island. First photo captured 5th August and second photo taken by today. 1/3

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